Anugerah Skrin 2019 saw One Two Jaga repeat its Malaysian Film Festival victory, while Di Sisi dominated the drama categories. Pictured is Datin Diana Danielle who won the Best Film Actress award for Gol dan Gincu. (NSTP/NURUL SYAZANA ROSE RAZMAN)

DIRECTED by Namron and scripted by Mohd Syafiq, Namron and the late Pitt Hanif, anti-corruption film One Two Jaga dominated the film categories in the recent Anugerah Skrin 2019 (ASK 2019).

One Two Jaga notably repeated its victory from the Malaysian Film Festival early this year. It took home Best Film, Best Film Actor (Dr Rosdeen Suboh), Best Supporting Actor (Zahiril Adzim) and Best Screenplay (Namron, Mohd Syafiq and Pitt).

Expressing delight that One Two Jaga "triumphed at a prestigious Malaysian entertainment awards yet again", Namron said its cast and crew have dedicated their victory to Pitt who drowned in a fishing expedition in Kuala Lipis, Pahang.

"While I was the director from the start, Pitt shared a lot of ideas with me, on how to make the story a compelling one. It's so sad that we recently lost him but this film, our handiwork together, is of high quality and has been well-received around the world."

Pitt's daughters Dhia Farhana Pitt, 16, and Mia Pitt, 13, said their father would have been proud to see them get hold of the Best Film title.

"He was always optimistic about One Two Jaga emerging triumphant in ASK 2019. One Two Jaga represents a three-country collaboration between Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines," said Dhia.

"On his behalf, we all want to thank the stellar cast which included Rosdeen, Zahiril, Amerul Affendi, Vanidah Imran, Bront Palarae and Namron who acted brilliantly in their respective roles," said Mia.

Rosdeen said playing a "corrupt police officer" was a "great learning experience".

"I like playing flawed characters, be they bigots or corrupt bureaucrats. Bad guys sell!" he said.

Zahiril said he still could not get over Pitt's death. "As soon as I won my award, I looked up to the sky and said, Pitt you were great. I'll always miss you and will never forget you. God bless your loved ones. I'll help take care of them," he said.


In the drama categories, Radio Televisyen Malaysia's Di Sisi took home the lion's share of the awards.

It won Best Drama, Best Drama Director (Wan Afzam Wan Daud), Best Drama Editing (Izar Masuri), Best Television Screenplay (Amin Masyur) and Best Suppporting Drama Actor (Ruzaidi Rahman).

Wan Afzam said: "I came up with a poignant story of filial piety, a topic that most Malaysians can strongly identify with.

Di Sisi is about a teenage boy who is devoted to his wheelchair-bound father who suffered from a stroke.

Ruzaidi, a master of silat martial art, broke out of his comfort zone of martial art heroes to play a vulnerable young parent to his young son."

Veteran actor Faizal Hussein took home Best Drama Actor for the title role in Samad Tedung on TV3 while Nabila Huda Suhaimi took home Best Drama Actress for the role of Laila in Dia Tak Berdosa on TV1.

Faizal said: "Thank you viewers, for your support all these years. I've lost count of the number of the times I've won ASK but this is the first time I've won for a drama that has my character's name on it.

"Samad Tedung is a spoilt man who is often hot tempered and vindictive. He is also an abusive father who frequently beats his children for minor mistakes. But things begin to change for the better when his wife suddenly dies," said Faizal

Nabila said: "It's great to win for a second time. Dia Tak Berdosa is an inspiring story of a woman of substance, Laila who is disowned by her family for a crime she did not commit. She endures such misfortune with fortitude and works hard to win the trust of her loved ones again."

Nabila thanked producer Sheila Rusly and director Azman Yahya of JS Pictures Sdn Bhd for coming up with a "winning" story.

Datuk Fizz Fairuz won Best Drama Supporting Actor for Kamar Kamariah, produced by Suhan Movies & Trading Sdn Bhd.

He said: "It's my first ASK win, and I'm glad to have won it for playing a harsh villain named Murad who abuses the protagonist, his wholesome fiancee Kamariah.

"I want to thank my mentor Datuk Rosyam Nor for choosing me for the role of Murad, and Nabila Huda for her great on-screen chemistry with me."


ASK 2019 began at 9pm last Friday at Dewan Merdeka Putra World Trade Centre and saw six duos present various award categories, and most of them were husband-and-wife teams.

They were Zizan Razak and Nabila Huda, Rozita Che Wan and Zain Saidin, Siti Sarah and Shuib, Shaheizy Sam and Syatilla Melvin, Eira Syazira and Azad Jasmin and Elly Mazlein and Shuk Sahar.

Datin Diana Danielle won Best Film Actress for Gol Dan Gincu Vol. 2, while Amyza Aznan won Best Supporting Drama Actress for Batik Zakiah, and Zara Zya won Best Supporting Drama Series Actress for Pia.

"This is my second ASK win, the first being Best Supporting Actress for Hanyut some years ago."

The performers for the evening began with dance troupe 2Twenty2 Squad which gave an energetic, hip-hop dance sequence.

This was followed by Ernie Zakri who teamed up with her duet partner Syamel Fodzly. They sang their hit duet Takkan Terlerai as well as Shawn Mendes' and Camila Cabello's Senorita.

Mentor Milenia 2019 proteges performed Ola Bola The Musical's theme Luar Biasa and Hael Husaini's Jampi, while talented magician troupe The Madgicians showed several state-of-the-art tricks with popular singers and actresses as Marsha Londoh serving as their assistants.

Sabahan singer Andi Bernadee performed his hit songs Donde and Satu Peluang, accompanied by slick dance troupe Psycusix. He gave a very energetic performance, and his dance steps looked natural and unrehearsed.

Last but not least, Ayda Jebat sang Temberang with Santesh, while Datuk Jamal Abdillah performed Kekasih Awal Dan Akhir, Di Sudut Kamar Hatimu and Penghujung Rindu accompanied by Sissy Imann on the piano.

At one point during her performance, Ayda tripped and fell. Nevertheless, she got up and apologised before going backstage.

ASK 2019 was enjoyable from the word "go". Unlike previous years, where the co-hosts cracked jokes that sounded over-the-top, the six duos who presented various awards were more “sensible”.

Below is the list of ASK 2019 winners:

Best Drama Actor

Faizal Hussein (Samad Tedung)

Best Drama Actress

Nabila Huda (Dia Tidak Berdosa)

Best Drama Series Supporting Actor

Datuk Fizz Fairuz (Kamar Kamariah)

Best Drama Supporting Actor

Ruzaidi Rahman (Di Sisi)

Best Malay Drama Series

Kamar Kamariah (Suhan Movies & Trading)

Best Chinese Drama Series

Sweet Delicacy (The Rock Productions)

Best Local Comedy

Budak Usin (Radius One)

Best Drama Videography

Junaimeramfizal Rahmat (Telingkah)

Best Magazine

Sahabat Backpackers

Best Reality Show

The Z Power

Best Documentary

Majalah 3 (Installation Of The 16th Yang Di-Pertuan Agong)

Best Talk Show

Feel Good Show Deepavali

Best News Report

Buletin Kampung Baru

Best Special Report

Buletin Utama (Kampung Sampah)

Best Entertainment Programme

Konsert Minggu Ini (Ratu 2.0)

Best Awards Programme

Anugerah Juara Lagu 33

Best Set Design

Anugerah Skrin 2018

Best Montage

Halaqah 2019

Best Film

One Two Jaga

Best Film Actor

Dr Rosdeen Suboh (One Two Jaga)

Best Film Director

Mamat Khalid (Hantu Kak Limah)

Best Film Actress

Datin Diana Danielle (Gol dan Gincu)

Best Supporting Actress

Siti Sahela Baharom (7ujuh)