Dahlia’s gruesome finger

KUALA LUMPUR: Singaporean actor Datuk Aaron Aziz has been sharing a couple of "gruesome" photos, and they appear to highlight his nine-year-old daughter's "serious injuries".

The photos which Aaron uploaded on Instagram yesterday showed Dahlia Arissa's "bloodied" face and her third finger on her left hand reduced to a bloody stump, as if devoured by a wild animal.

Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with Dahlia, as her gruesome "wounds" were the end result of good movie makeup.

Aaron said: "My little, talented Dahlia has learnt to do special effects by herself.

“Great job Dahlia. That really shocked daddy for a split second.

“As someone who is used to these makeup effects, she did a very very good job. Keep it up."

Fans and followers praised Dahlia for her mastery of makeup.

“Clever Dahlia," said actress and television host Daphne Iking.

“Well done," said actress Fouziah Ghous.

“Amazing," said Syazwan.

Aaron and his wife Datin Diyana Halik have two other children — Danish Anaqi, 15, and Dwi Ariana, 13.