Italian singer Seiell (left) is accused by BTS fans of plagiarising the K-Pop outfit’s song Fake Love. (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: Fans of international K-Pop phenomena BTS have been up in arms recently over a plagiarism issue involving an Italian singer.

According to Koreaboo, the angry supporters, known in the fandom as Army, had called out the singer Seiell for his song, Scenne Nenne, that sounded very similar to the BTS hit, Fake Love.

One fan, who included a video clip of the song in an online posting, wrote: “Oh, you have to be kidding me!”

Apparently, the song is almost identical with Seiell’s version only being slightly lower in tone and having more bass.

Fans started accusing the singer of ripping-off BTS and messaged him about possible lawsuits from the group’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment.

Seiell was said to have responded in a racist and homophobic manner. One translated message read: “Stop bothering me, it doesn’t anything alike, this is my song. Kill yourselves and your four stupid Chinese idiots.”

Another long and rambling message from the singer included a number of vulgar insults towards BTS and its fans. For some reason, the singer was under the impression that BTS were a Chinese quartet.

Meanwhile, the Army had also trained its sights on British TV talent show judge Simon Cowell who had recently announced that he was intending to create a new band to rival BTS and the current global K-Pop phenomena.

Koreaboo reported that the fans had created the Twitter hashtag #OnlyBTScan in response to Cowell’s challenge.

The fans were quick to point out why his plan will not work. One fan wrote: “#OnlyBTSCan be the BTS they are today. There won't be a next BTS ever, won't be a next set of 7 people who went through hell, fought with shxx through years to achieve their dreams, their dreams consisting of making people feel loved and happy.”

Another said: “#OnlyBTScan be the fastest group in history to earn three #1 debuting albums in the US (Only in 10.5 months), surpassing The Beatles.”

Other statements included, “BTS who is responsible for 8% of Korea's tourism industry! Their merchs make up 1.7% of Korea's TOTAL exported goods!” and “BTS' impact on Korea's economy was said to be greater than that of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018.”