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Chef Wan and Noraini

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Redzuawan Ismail or Chef Wan has ticked off his siblings for their "unwillingness" to look after their mother, Noraini Abdullah.

The 61-year-old celebrity chef hit out at his six younger siblings in a recent Instagram post, claiming that they "neglected" Noraini who is better known as Cik Ani.

Chef Wan said that his siblings "kicked her around like a football" and wished that his mother would move into his house for good.

However, he admitted that he had no choice because she wanted to spend time with her other children and their families, too.

"I feel so sorry for mum, my siblings kick her around like a football, taking turns to look after her at their respective houses.

"If I had a choice I would have mum stay with me for good.

"But it would not be fair to my siblings and mum, as they are her children too.

"She spends two to three weeks with me, but soon gets restless and says she wants to go to my sister's home in Lumut for a change."

Chef Wan also said that he wanted to "open up" his siblings' eyes and make them realise that they did not look after their mother well.

"They neglected her last year. They always give all sorts of excuses. It's only after I bitched about their behaviour that they felt embarrassed and started looking after mum for two weeks each."

Chef Wan said he was always concerned about his mother's well-being and had "carried out his duty for years".

"God only gives us one chance, so we children should use our common sense and always care for our parents in their old age. Don't treat them like garbage. Don't wait till they meet their Maker, and then deeply regret what we've done."

Netizens praised Chef Wan for being a "devoted son" to his mother.

"Dear Sir, you're an exemplary son to all mothers. God bless you always," said Punitha.

"I love how you care for your mother. You're a role model for all children who care for their parents," said Dewi.

"Salute you Datuk. What you said is true. We must always respect and look after our parents," said Candice.

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