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BTS (Picture from Koreaboo)
BTS (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: Fans of K-Pop phenomenon BTS were ticked off when a German TV show recently insulted the popular music group, as well as its fans, dubbed Army.

According to Koreaboo, the entertainment programme on RTL, called Chartshow, had aired a segment that featured a BTS music video.

But what followed were derogatory and racists comments aimed at the Korean group and its followers.

Apparently, the show saw people asking if they were a Japanese group or from South Korea.

But what enraged the fans were comments that included someone saying that BTS was made up of Japanese albinos.

Another said that it's fans were probably only kids below 12.

The irate fans then sent numerous complaints to the show and demanded for an apology on the matter.

RTL later posted an apology on Twitter that read: “If the #BTS fans feel offended by the comments from the people on the show we are sorry. RTL positions itself against racism AND for freedom of expression.”

Fans were still not pleased with the response and RTL posted another apology.

This time it read: "We can only apologize again and will cut out the comments in the repetition! #bts #chartshow"

Fans then expressed their disappointment that the popular group which promotes positivity and unity is still misunderstood.

One wrote: "Unfortunately, this is just how it still is here. Either the people don’t know BTS at all or they view them as a teen band or fabricated superstars with no personality whatsoever."

Another said: "They know so little about K-Pop and don't understand it. I think that 99% of them are like robots and don't have their own opinion."

Yet another fan wrote: "Basic reaction of people who know nothing but their own little world. Average people who look down on what they don't know. I know the boys can break this barrier because they are awesome."

"The new generation, i.e. teens and young adults, are more accepting to diversity, change and breaking boundaries," said another fan.

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