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Young Thai talent Jannine Weigel is new label RedRecords' first music artiste. (Picture courtesy of UMG)
Young Thai talent Jannine Weigel is new label RedRecords' first music artiste. (Picture courtesy of UMG)


SHE looks the part. Trendy and friendly, the young and bubbly personality has released several singles and EPs.

She's also amassed a huge following on social media, with more than 600 million views and 3.3 million followers on YouTube, in addition to 3.2 million followers on Facebook, 1.5 million on Instagram and more than 500,000 on TikTok.

It's no wonder that Thai singer Jannine Weigel has been chosen as the first artiste under the new label, RedRecords, which is a partnership between AirAsia Group and Universal Music Group.

The teen star, who was born in Steinfurt, Germany and currently based in Thailand, is also an actress, model and influencer.

She is part of RedRecords' aim to expose Asian artistes to a global stage and to push A-Pop internationally.

AirAsia Group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes had previously said: “A-Pop to me is kind of like 'Asean pop'. We want to introduce the region and the world to the talent in our own backyard."

So, any pressure to bring A-Pop to the world?

"I don't feel it right now. I feel that everyone wants to do their best so no pressure yet," said Weigel coolly when met for a brief chat recently.

She may only be 19 but she has been active in the music scene since 2010.

  "I like acting but music is my No.1 passion. When I moved back to Thailand at age 10, I started acting in commercials.

"Then I wanted to try something else and took part in a singing competition.

"That sparked something deep in me and I realised that music is what I really want to do. I was 11 then," said the artiste of Thai and German descent, who is also known as Ploychompoo (which means Pink Sapphire in Thai).

Weigel confessed that American music superstar Taylor Swift is one of her idols and inspiration.

"She really inspired me to write and tell my own story through music. I took it seriously and have started to create my own songs. I have three so far all done by myself," she said.

During the chat, she mentioned many times that “music is her undying passion”.

"Even my free time is music-related. I'm an introvert so I'd just be at home writing music, singing or playing the piano. I karaoke all the time and do covers too just for fun," explained the petite star who plays the guitar as well.


She was already planning to head back to Germany to study music when she got the call for this opportunity and decided to take up the offer.

On betting on a relatively unproven record label, she let on that the decision to join was an easy one.

"For me, part of it is because AirAsia and Universal Music are both companies that are very trusted by the people."

Weigel, who has released pop music in Thai and English, confessed that she was naturally excited about the future.

"The next few months will be us all getting to know each other better and to begin working together.

"I'm not sure about the music genre and direction yet but the most important thing is to build the relationship between the label and the artiste," she said.

Weigel added that it will be exciting to promote the new her and meet the fans.

"I've only been to Malaysia a few times for short trips and I love the food like nasi lemak and satay. I look forward to meeting the fans properly in the future."

Although she'll be turning 20 in 2020, she added that she really doesn't know what to expect.

"The year 2020 seems like such a big year for me, so I'm going to be surprised just like everyone as well," said Weigel, flashing a megawatt smile.

The fresh-faced beauty has just released a new song, Words. Check her out at

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