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Didie Alias (Picture from Instagram, @ladydidiemsia)
Didie Alias (Picture from Instagram, @ladydidiemsia)

KUALA LUMPUR: “Don’t think that I’m just a newbie with only a year of experience in the entertainment industry. Don’t play with me. I’m speaking out not just for myself but for other artistes that are often victimised by certain people in production companies,” said actress and host Didie Alias, who is livid over being suddenly dropped from starring in an apparently green-lit TV drama at the eleventh hour.

The 47-year-old artiste said that it did not make sense that the reason given by the production company over her unceremonious cut was that the TV station was the one that made the call.

“When offering the role they (the production company) wanted a quick response and got me to immediately set a date. They also promised to get back to me as soon as possible.”

“But after my queries, the answer given was very disappointing. The have the gall to make an excuse that the problem stems from the TV station.”

“Just imagine if I had not asked them. I wouldn’t have known that my name was dropped from the TV drama. What about all the other offers that I declined just so that I can take up theirs? Is this fair treatment for a seasoned actress like myself?” she said in a news report today.

The Boss, Ghazal Untuk Rabiah and Oh Mak Kau! actress explained that it was time for production companies to change their unethical ways and to not mistreat the actors and actresses.

“When I shared this on Instagram, many fellow artistes had also expressed similar experiences. Turns out that they too had, at some point, become victims as well. Some were in even worse off situations than myself. It just proves that this kind of thing happens in our industry.”

“If you did not want me from the start, then don’t offer me the job. If you think my asking fee is too steep, you should have looked for another actress who fit the budget from the very beginning. Don’t wait till the last minute to say that the production company has an insufficient budget. That’s just an excuse. Please change. This is 2020, not the 1990s. Don’t treat us this way. We are professionals,” she said.

Didie took to social media last night with a video posting that saw her venting about a production company that allegedly dropped her name from a TV drama due to budget constraints.

She also uploaded a screen capture of a WhatsApp conversation with an individual that she claimed was the person who offered the job to her.

Her post had garnered lots of sympathy and reactions from fellow celebrities such as Amyza Adnan, Nabila Huda, Rozita Che Wan, Sharnaaz Ahmad, Yana Samsudin, Zulin Aziz, Nad Zainal, Enot and many more.

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