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Sharnaaz Ahmad with Noor Nabila and Jebat Jayden (Picture from Instagram)
Sharnaaz Ahmad with Noor Nabila and Jebat Jayden (Picture from Instagram)

KUALA LUMPUR: Actor Sharnaaz Ahmad has expressed his disappointment at his wife Noor Nabila for her recent negative public statement with regards to their rocky marriage.

In an Insta-story post yesterday, the 34-year-old star of Darah Panas said: “If my wife still intends to speak ill about her husband, then it’s not right and not proper. Except if her man is violent, unfaithful or irresponsible towards her.”

This was in response to his 35-year-old wife, who is also the sister to popular TV host and actress Neelofa, after she had spoken to the media at the Federal Territory Lower Syariah Court recently.

She had apparently said that Sharnaaz was dragging his feet in the matter of finalising their divorce and had not taken any steps to mend their broken marriage.

In his post, the actor added: “I would never insult her in any media platform. Why? Just for one reason, Jebat Jayden Ahmad Sharnaaz Ahmad.”

“I choose to remain silent on private household issues because of Jebat, only Jebat,” he said of his young son.

Sharnaaz added that the truth was not in line with what had been portrayed and that only God and close relatives would know the real story.

“Good or bad a husband or wife, she still was once the most special person for me. Let it be that way,” he concluded.

Last September, the court ordered the appointment of a conciliatory committee (jawatankuasa pendamai – JKP) representative for their divorce case. But the actor had later in that month filed for nusyuz (disobedient) against his wife who is an entrepreneur.

For the JKP proceeding Sharnaaz appointed his best friend as a representative, while Noor Nabila appointed her step father Abdul Halim Khan.

Sharnaaz and Noor Nabila tied the knot on March 31 in 2017. They have a year-old son, Jebat.

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