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Cheryl and Ng with their hotel
Cheryl and Ng with their hotel

KUALA LUMPUR: Actress and television host Cheryl Samad seems to have disappeared from the small screen over the last four years.

Her last major appearance on the small screen was in 2016 when she served as a mentor to the 14 contestants of TV3 reality show Clever Girl.

Little do her fans realise that Cheryl, 40, and her husband, producer Ng Ping Ho run a stylish new hotel in Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Called KLoe Hotel, it is a boutique hotel which opened last year and prides itself as "a home for the creative and curious".

The hotel's official website revealed that KLoe was Cheryl's and Ng's wordplay on ‘Kuala Lumpur’ and ‘Chloe’, the Greek name for ‘fresh bloom’.

"As our name suggests, we are fresh, new to the scene, and will be doing things a little differently.

"We believe that a home away from home should be a cocoon — a safe haven in an unfamiliar city, with kind people who care for you, and spaces that inspire you to explore.

"We do this by creating spaces that celebrate the pursuit of music, art, food, reading, and gardening," said the hotel's mission statement.

"KLoe weaves the fabric of KL’s creative spirit into every part of the hotel by showcasing furniture, ceramics and artwork from the city’s leading designers."

The stylish hotel is owned by Kindness Of Strangers, a hospitality company. Ng is its director and the hotel’s founder.

"We believe that kindness is a language that can be universally understood. And so we spread kindness by creating little pockets of calm, balance and social connection."

Ng conceptualised the hotel in 2009, when they set up the restaurant LOKL Coffee in Jalan Tun HS Lee, specially for backpackers and the creative community.

KLoe Hotel is the manifestation of their 10-year dream, and has 85 rooms priced RM400 onwards.

It also has five artist lofts for guests to listen to music, or read magazines and books.

In a recent Instagram post, Cheryl thanked Ng for inspiring her to help set up the hotel. She said: "When you told me you had this idea for a project 10 years ago, I had no doubt we would see it through, because that is the kind of person you are. You did so good honey. I’m so proud of you."

Netizens congratulated the couple, and described them as brilliant entrepreneurs.

"So proud of you Cheryl and Ping Ho. You're brilliant, I love KLoe Hotel," said Nelissa.

"What a cool place. Thank you Ping Ho and Cheryl. You guys are the greatest," said Nazri.

"Amazing Cheryl and Ping Ho. Love you both," said Amran.

"Great job, Ping Ho and Cheryl. KLoe Hotel rocks," said Fariz.

Cheryl began her acting career appearing in television advertisements in the 1990s. A law graduate from Universiti Malaya, she is best known for hosting Malaysian Idol 2, Muzik-Muzik, Nescafe Kickstart and MTV Pulse.

Her best known television series are Each Other, Frontpage and Ghost. She has also starred in the musical Dreamgirls at Istana Budaya in 2011.

Ng is best known as the creator of the comedy series Kopitiam.

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