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Krisdayanti and Lemos in Zurich
Krisdayanti and Lemos in Zurich

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular Indonesian singer Krisdayanti is currently holidaying with her family in Switzerland, and many Netizens from her country are seeing red.

They have slammed the 44-year-old singer for being "oblivious" to the Covid-19 pandemic and fear that she might be endangering the lives of her loved ones.

Krisdayanti, who is also a Member of Parliament, recently uploaded several photos of herself, her husband Raul Lemos, and her children Azriel and Aurel from her previous marriage to singer Anang Hermansyah, at various parts of Zurich, Switzerland.

It is learnt that Krisdayanti or KD and family have been in the European country for a week.

In the captions to one of her photos, Krisdayanti said: "Dear journeys, please be nice and keep us in good health and safety."

She added: "Thank you God for your protection. May we be safe from disease and disaster, and may our people be safe too."

One Netizen, Wening said: "Why are you holidaying at this dangerous time, KD? Don't you know how deadly it is for you, your husband and your children?"

"What a shame KD is oblivious to the deadly threat of Covid-19. She and family must be quarantined once they are home," said Aurora.

"Dear KD and family, you're putting yourselves at risk, and all of us too," said Fitri.

However, other Netizens defended Krisdayanti, arguing that she might not have been aware of the stringent security measures introduced by the government.

"Thanks for the prayers, but you should have been aware as a people's representative. Once you're home, please observe a quarantine, for all of us to be safe," said Nella.

Indonesia has recorded a total of 117 Covid-19 cases to date. The government of President Joko Widodo announced last Sunday that 21 new cases had been confirmed.

The country's Transport Minister Budi Karya Sumadi was tested positive for the coronavirus.

Krisdayanti was elected as a member of Indonesia's 575-member People's Represenative Council (DPR) for a five-year term beginning Oct 1 last year.

She is a representative of Widodo's Indonesian Democratic Party Of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan).

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