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Ummi Nazeera and husband Dr Mohd Izzar Anwari with Dr Amirul (right). (Pictures from Instagram, @umminazeera)
Ummi Nazeera and husband Dr Mohd Izzar Anwari with Dr Amirul (right). (Pictures from Instagram, @umminazeera)

KUALA LUMPUR: Actress Ummi Nazeera’s husband Dr Mohd Izzar Anwari laments about patients who hide crucial information concerning Covid-19, putting risk to the lives of medical frontliners attending to them.

Such situation was experienced by his fellow doctor friend and his colleagues who had to be quarantined, no thanks to an irresponsible patient.

Dr Mohd Izzar took to Instagram to express his frustration, and Ummi Nazeera, 29, reposted her husband’s entry yesterday to remind her fans and followers the importance to come clean during medical check-up.

“My friend Dr Amirul and few others from an emergency unit of a hospital had to be quarantined after they found out that a patient they had close contact with for three hours, was found out to have just returned from South Korea.

“Since the patient didn't disclose about his recent trip, they didn't wear the personal protective equipment (PPE) as required when dealing with high-risked patients," Dr Mohd Izzar wrote.

He also said that because of the need to undergo the quarantine period, the number of medical staff on the frontline had to be reduced, making it more difficult  for the remainder medical team members.

But what tugs at his heartstrings the most was the fact that the doctors had to be separated from their families.

“More medical staff being quarantined would mean less number of people to help save lives," he said.

Dr Mohd Izzar reminded everyone to be honest and responsible when questioned by medical teams so that they could avoid unnecessary issues just like what his friends had gone through.

“Fortunately, my friend and his team members have been tested negative, and now are back to saving lives," he added.

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