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Ann wants to be healthy and strong and continue to enjoy the things she loves.

Name: Ann Osman

Age: 32

Occupation: MMA Athlete

Weight: 65kg

Height: 160cm

1.What is your weekly exercise routine?
My weekly routine consists of six active days and one rest day. I do at least four cardio sessions (either steady state cardio like a 40 minute easy run or a 20 minute HIIT training on the treadmill). I do this on top of my regular Brazilian jiu jitsu and muay thai training.

2.What is your fitness aim?
I want to be healthy and strong and enjoy doing the things I love such as Brazilian jiu jitsu for many years to come so staying fit every day is important to me.

3. Are you a gym junkie or outdoor exerciser?
I am a bit of both actually. I love the outdoors especially running by the beach early in the mornings or engaging in some fun outdoor sport like white water rafting in the weekends but I also prefer to hit the gym when my workout programmes require gym equipment.

4.How do you get over being too lazy to exercise?
As much as I enjoy training, I do have days where I feel less motivated but I always tell myself that I will actually feel better after finishing my workout and true enough I do! As long as I get my foot through the gym door, I know for sure I will stay.

5.What is your favourite workout?
Being a mixed martial artist, I enjoy training and learning different martial arts skills especially with Brazilian jiu jitsu; it tests me physically and creatively as well which makes it my favourite.

6.Weights or cardio?
Both! While I love finishing a 20 minute HIIT session on the treadmill, I also enjoy the results of weight training too. I really think that everyone should train in both to get maximum results for their fitness goals.

7.What is the one junk food you can't live without?
Chocolate for sure!

8.How long do you sleep at night?
I make sure to get at least seven hours of sleep. Less than that and I feel cranky the next day.

9.What is your favourite fitness app/fitness tracker?
MyFitness Pal is my favourite. I use it all the time to keep track of my workouts and diet.

10.What’s the first thing you do after you wake up in the morning?
Drink lots of water.

11.How many hours do you work out in the morning?
If I have more time on my hands, I do an hour and a half but if I don’t, I do a 30 minute circuit at my studio, Fitness Rites.

12.What is your favourite pre-exercise/pre-race fuel?
Black coffee!

13.How do you recover from a hard workout?
It’s common to feel sore especially after a hard session of exercise or if I am trying something new in my exercise routine. This is because all that exercise causes micro tears in our muscle fibres which after recovery, means our muscles will become much stronger. Amino acids help repair those muscle tears so I make sure to take enough protein and supplement that with BCAA (branched chain amino acids) on top of getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water and rolling out the muscles with a foam roller.

14.How do you prevent injury?
Listen to your body. Never overdo and when you feel discomfort or a tingle on your joints, stop. Check whether your form is right or unload the extra weights.

15.What is your advice to get people to exercise?
Do what suits you! Exercise shouldn’t be a burden, it should be part of your daily or weekly lifestyle - again whatever suits you as long as you keep active a little bit every day. Some people may have more time to exercise than others. If you can’t do one or two hours of exercise every day, a 20-30 minute circuit consisting of compound movements is also beneficial, which in fact is the core concept of what we teach at my fitness studio.

16.What’s your favourite source of protein and why?
My favourite is salmon! It’s high in protein and rich in good fats which is not only good for the brain and skin but also makes it so tasty. My other protein favorites are protein powder and eggs.

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Ann is dedicated to her fitness goals.

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