(From right) Panasonic Malaysia consumer marketing and customer service director Takaaki Uehara, managing director Cheng Chee Chung, actress Khatijah Tan, child actor Habiel Lutfillah, Media Prima Bhd sales and strategy for client service group director Nini Yusof, actor Rashidi Ishak and actress Khayisyah Kamal posing for a picture in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday. PIC BY ROHANIS SHUKRI

THEY have just celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary, quite an achievement in anyone’s book.

If you ask actor Rashidi Ishak, 43, he is not shy to admit that he is still very much crazy about his wife just as much as he was back in the day.

He recently uploaded an old photo of Vanidah Imran, also 43, on his Instagram account, taken on their wedding solemnisation day in 2000.

Part of his caption for the photo read: “The day I broke many blokes’ hearts. Sorry lads, I was crazy for her (then) and I am still crazy for her (now).”

The image is one of the many photos Rashidi shares on his Instagram.

So what’s his secret to a happy marriage? “Just let your wife do whatever she wants!” laughed Rashidi. “I’m only kidding around. Honestly, I’m blessed to have such a wonderful wife.

“We have this mutual agreement where we must respect each other no matter what. We’re a team and we make sure to do everything together, especially when it comes to raising our kids.”

 “Communication is key as, without which, there will only be trust issues. Also, there is a need to understand the different phases of being in love; from courting to the early part of your marriage up to sustaining your marriage for more than a decade.

“The best part about being married to Vanidah is that I always discover something new about her,” said Rashidi at the launch of TV3’s drama series Panasonic Ketupat Rendang Brownies Coklat.

Rashidi will star in the show alongside Rita Rudaini and Khatijah Tan among others. He plays Zaid, the husband of Rita’s character, Elyna.

The plot centres on Zaid and his typical modern day family, who have not been able to balik kampung to celebrate Hari Raya for almost three years.

Saddened by this, his parents, Wan (Khatijah) and Tok Wan (Mior Hashim Manaf) decided to surprise Zaid and his family by visiting them in the city.

“It is a light-hearted series with plenty of funny moments which will appeal all,” he said.

Panasonic Ketupat Rendang Brownies Coklat is a collaboration between Panasonic Malaysia and Media Prima Bhd (MPB).

MPB’s partnership with the electrical company is aimed at deepening Panasonic’s product penetration across the larger Malaysian households.

The show will feature Panasonic products to portray the brand as an integral part of Malaysians’ lives.

Panasonic Malaysia consumer marketing and customer service director Takaaki Uehara said in an extension to the drama series, the collaboration would entail a multi-platform content partnership across numerous platforms under MPB.

 “We want to showcase the convenience of our products and how they are designed to be user friendly.”

MPB’s sales and strategy for client service group director Nini Yusof said: “The discussion for the collaboration came early as last year. TV3 has been entertaining Malaysia for over 30 years and Panasonic is a strong brand. When you bring the two strong brands together, we will be able to reach a majority of Malaysians who enjoy watching dramas.

Panasonic Ketupat Rendang Brownies Coklat will air on TV3 every Thursday at 6pm, from May 25 to June 15. Viewers can catch the repeat telecast from June 3 till 6, Mondays to Thursdays at 5.35pm.

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