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LA PAZ: Authorities were trying to regain control of a prison in central Bolivia today after a riot broke out overnight, leaving several inmates dead and wounded, police said.

Media reports said three to four prisoners had been killed and between nine and 11 wounded, but the regional police commander said officers had still not been able to enter the facility in the town of El Abra.

“We have information that there have been people killed inside the prison. At the moment it has not yet been possible to determine how many people lost their lives,” Colonel Alberto Suarez told radio network Fides.

He said the riot appeared to have been sparked by power struggles between gangs of Bolivian and foreign inmates.

“Because of these power struggles, fighting has broken out in which unfortunately people have been wounded by knives and firearms,” he said.

He did not give details on the foreigners’ nationalities.

The prison holds about 280 inmates.--AFP

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