Bangkok Lane .
Koay Shao Peng (left) explaining a painting to a visitor at the launch of his exhibition at Galeri Seni Mutiara.
Dato Kramat Market.
Another painting of Bangkok Lane. Pix by Ramdzan Masiam

GEORGE TOWN: A PASSIONATE art educator for 30 years, Koay Shao Peng has shared his knowledge and skills to thousands of young aspirants since he started the Classical Art Centre here in 1985.

Shao Peng has added another milestone to his illustrious career with his latest solo exhibition, entitled Solo Art Exhibition 2014 at Galeri Seni Mutiara here.

The exhibition ends on Saturday.

He has been a mentor to his students, many of whom have become accomplished artists themselves.

For his latest exhibition, Shao Peng has selected 72 outstanding watercolour and acrylic paintings comprising rural scenes, heritage buildings, fishing villages, urban moments and historical streets.

“Most were painted on site as the heritage enclave has become a focal point for international and local tourists since Penang became a Unesco World Heritage Site.

“I have included my butterfly series, which I have portrayed in a variety of modes with the form of abutterfly as my backdrop.

“ I also included my painting on strawboard, which I hope will capture people’s interest,” he said.

A gifted artist, Shao Peng is well known for his free-flowing style and a fluidity of colours and textures, which has been instrumental in his success.

He has won numerous prestigious awards.

Gallery director Koay Soo Kau said Shao Peng has evolved into a thinking artist with his latest works.

“Shao Peng paints from what he sees and it’s interesting to observe his development into a thinking artist, which is evident in his artworks such as White Romance, Glowing Moment and Madding Crowd.

Soo Kau said Shao Peng spends more time exploring and researching instead of direct picturing and visualisation of his subjects.

“His interplay of colours successfully merges and mesmerises the viewer,” he said.

Soo Kau said the presence of cars in many of Shao Peng’s work is a popular subject in paintings of streetscapes.

“This is an indication the increasing number of vehicles on our roads.

“This will be a huge problem in the future if it is not addressed now by the authorities,” he said.

The exhibition was officiated by property manager Lily Teoh.

The gallery at 118 Lebuh Armenian is open daily from 11am to 6pm. Admission is free.

For details, contact Soo Kau at 016-444 0167.