KUALA LUMPUR: Johor remains the worst hit area for haze as air quality turned unhealthy this morning for six areas nationwide.

The 7am Air Pollutant Index (API) reading for Pasir Gudang at 191 hovered just nine points of the very unhealthy stage of 200. Larkin Lama was not far behind at 180 and Kota Tinggi was at 130.

The situation also continued to deteriorate in the east coast of the peninsula as four locations in Pahang and Terengganu saw their API increasing in the unhealthy air quality range.

In Kuantan, Balok Baru’s reading was at 155 and Indera Mahkota was at 133 on the API scale.

Kemaman and Paka also saw air quality worsening at 143 and 106 on the API scale.

A total of 29 other locations nationwide saw moderate air quality and only 15 areas saw a reading of good air quality.

Meanwhile across the cause way in Singapore, the situation continued to be grim, as hazy conditions are expected to worsen today.

The National Environment Agency said the haze situation could further worsen because of the prevailing winds.

The republic’s authorities late yesterday, ordered emergency school closures as air pollution reached "hazardous" levels.