Ensure travelling through klia2 is not a nightmare.

I TRAVELLED to Chennai in India on AirAsia three weeks ago and returned only on Friday. After the baggage check-in at the klia2 counter, we had to walk quite a distance to the embarkation gate. It was very strenuous for the elderly and the aged. By the time we reached the gate, our legs were aching. We were allowed to use the trolley only up to a certain distance. But that is quite alright.

We faced a worse fate during the return journey. Somehow, the walk seemed to be even longer.

After a tiring walk to retrieve our baggage, we faced another problem there.

There was no proper guidance as to where to look for baggage. Conveyor belts were moving in four places and new passengers arriving for the first time were at a loss as to where to collect the baggage.

Though it was exhibited on the screen, passengers were not given proper guidance. As a result, time was wasted waiting at the wrong collecting area. There should be guides to direct passengers.

After collecting the baggage, we proceeded to the Customs clearance counter where we encountered the worst ordeal.

We had to carry the heavy baggage from the trolley and place them on the X-ray scanning machine ourselves. I saw some elderly women struggling to lift their baggage.

No one was around to lend a hand. I also faced a similar problem. My legs were already aching from the long walk from the tarmac, carrying 20kg of baggage.

After the scan, we had to lift the baggage for the second time to place them back to the trolley.

The Customs officers and others present seemed to be silent spectators, enjoying the spectacle of passengers, including tourists, struggling with their baggage.

Is it not possible to arrange for helpers at this point?

Travelling through klia2 is not at all pleasant. It is a nightmare. It is tiring and strenuous. It is unfair for the elderly, the aged and the disabled.

It is unpleasant for tourists visiting our country; klia2 is not a pleasant port of entry to the country.

Dr G. Johnson,Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, Johor