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KUALA LUMPUR: The media should wait for a full report from the Dutch-led team investigating on the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 tragedy, instead of using unfounded speculation from “so-called sources“, said Ukrainian Ambassador to Malaysia, Ihor Humennyi.

This is to avoid confusion and disrupt investigations due to the sensitivity and seriousness of the incident.

“The investigations are so far, confidential. Even though journalists are eager to release stories, in the case of Flight MH17, it is necessary to wait.

“The Malaysian Government has been updated on the investigation but the content, as it is still ongoing, cannot be released,” he told Bernama here today.

Asked if Malaysia should have a role in the joint investigation team, Humennyi said he personally believed the country should be part of the team.

Apart from the Netherlands, the joint investigation team comprises Belgium, Ukraine and Australia.

Flight MH17, with 298 passengers and crew on board was enroute to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam when it was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17.

A total of 43 Malaysians were on board the Boeing 777-200ER aircraft.


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