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Kamarul with the guest chefs who will be featured in the new season of Baba’s Cu-bits. (From left) Chef Zainab, Chef Kamaruzzaman, Chef Adu Amran, Chef Kamarul, Chef Joaquim Miguel, Chef Zulkifli and Chef Billy.

AFTER two seasons of 52 episodes, over one million viewers in each episode and 156 original recipes, culinary series Baba’s Cu-bits is back for a third season.

Helmed by celebrity chef Kamarul Hasni Che Rose, it will feature some of the country’s top professional chefs including Adu Amran, Billy, Farouk Hussain, Datuk Fazley, Gerhard, S. Muthu Kumaran a.k.a MK, Isadora Chai, Joaquim Miguel, Jochen Kern, Zainab, Khairuzzaman, Michele, Nik Michael Imran, Pearl, Riz, Shaiful Hailmi Idris, Mohd Shahril, Sherson Lian and Zulkifli Razali.

At the launch in Empire Hotel Subang recently, Kamarul said: “When Baba’s told me that it has a new concept planned, I knew it was going to be challenging, just like in previous seasons. Imagine having to create 234 unique recipes. That’s what we had to do for Baba’s Cu-bits.”

Only 78 recipes have made it to the show, including his personal favourite pepperoni and egg square thosai.

Kamarul says the series is a success due to team effort, which includes Baba’s head of advertising and promotion Claudian Navin Stanislaus and its food stylist Pelita Lim.

Claudian says the success lies in focusing on what customers want.

“When we sit down to develop a new show, the first thing we do is look at all the feedback we’ve received. We keep what works and figure out how to improve on our shortcomings. Only after that do we decide on our objective for the show... the rest will fall into place.”

Baba’s Cu-bits is a 30-minute fast-paced cook show. In each episode, Kamarul shares three tradition-inspired recipes using various products from the Baba’s range of products.

The name cu-bits is a combination of the Malay word cuba (try) and bits, which describes the serving size. Recipes featured in previous seasons are shown on Baba’s Facebook page BabasAndU.

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