THE national energy provider, Tenaga Nasional (TNB), has always been a caring citizen.

  It has done much for education, besides giving a helping hand in many projects that assist the poor. Its work must be emulated by other government-linked companies.

  It is an efficient utility. I am happy with the services it provides. Its staff are courteous and over obliging. Truly, I can't ask for more. I thank this utility that has served me for decades, and so faithfully, too.

  Today, I see TNB striving to make Malaysian consumers a better-educated and an informed lot on electricity, operations and functions. TNB has a social obligation to provide electricity to every Malaysia, and it now serves some over eight million customers. As it begins to educate its customers on how they can bring about savings in their use of electricity as well as the global initiative of conserving energy. It is also beginning to address concerns voiced by its customers. It also places a higher expectation on sufficient and uninterrupted electricity supply.

  I love its long term programme on replacing the traditional incandescent light bulbs. Saving energy can involve the simple act of switching off room lights and fans when you aren't in a room. All this contribute to lesser use of electricity.

  I hope consumers take tips from TNB on matters of safety, electricity tariff structure and consumption by electrical appliances.

  I hope other GLC's will tell us how they are serving consumers, what benefits consumers get from their services, and way that things can be improved.


Mary Hasnah,

Petaling Jaya, Selangor