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IT is said that Annick Goutal’s perfumes are born out of the memories and fleeting impressions of its creators.

The scents are sophisticated, feminine and romantic — characteristics visibly evident in the bottles and boutiques.

For its latest scent, in-house perfumers Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen had in mind a bold, young woman walking the grey streets of New York with exuberance and spontaneity amid the craziness around her.

An outof- the-box urban flower, so to speak.

The result is Vent de Folie, a sweet, floral perfume created from blood orange and geranium rosat, tied together with the gourmand notes of blackcurrant and raspberry.

It is blended with white musk and cedar wood for sweet and powdery notes, while hedione, an aroma compound beloved by the company’s eponymous founder, is added to give the fragrance lightness and sensuality.


Given my preference for light, barely-there perfumes, I find Vent de Folie a bit too intense.

It has a strong scent that will set you apart in a crowd.

It harks back to its inspiration of a bold spirit with a touch of impertinence.

My elder sister, Azlin, didn’t find the fragrance remarkable at first, but she grew to like it as the base notes of cedar and musk became more distinct.

However, she said the scent did not last very long.

My cousin Tina described the scent as “confusing” after the first few minutes of application.

It didn’t smell distinctly floral, musky or citrusy, but rather a mix of them all.

It took a while for the notes to shine as they settled and came into their own.

She disagreed with me on the strong scent, citing others that were far more intense.

Vent de Folie is available at the Annick Goutal outlet in Pavilion KL, Kens in Bangsar Shopping Centre and Isetan KLCC.

Priced at RM440 for a 50ml EDT and RM585 for the 100ml EDT.

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