A metal and glass roof structure to a shopping complex entrance, which is still under construction collapsed at Kota Kinabalu. Pix by Datu Ruslan Sulai.

KOTA KINABALU: KOTA KINABALU: Five people were injured after a metal and glass awning collapsed at the entrance of a shopping mall which is under construction here.

City Police Chief Assistant Commissioner M Chandra said the five were doing work on the structure when it crashed to the ground.

Earlier it was reported that four people were injured in the incident.

The awning which measured about 42m in width and 46m in length collapsed at about 11am.

"One of the workers was critically wounded," he said adding other workers below the structure, which was still attached to the building, managed to escape.

Four of the injured workers were sent to Queen Elizabeth 1 Hospital while another to the Queen Elizabeth 2 Hospital.

The Fire and Rescue Department also sent a team to the scene to assist and check if there were others trapped under the collapsed structure.

Chandra said investigations will be carried out at the scene.

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