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Tony Eusoff (second from left) with the cast of In Your Face. Photo courtesy of Tony Eusoff
Tony Eusoff (second from left) with the cast of In Your Face. Photo courtesy of Tony Eusoff

KUALA LUMPUR: Actor Tony Eusoff has had major success in the theatre scene playing broody and serious roles on stage, including his portrayal of the legendary Tan Sri P. Ramlee.

For his next project, the 38-year-old Bidayuh from Sarawak is venturing into a full-on musical comedy - In Your Face, to be staged at Connexion @ Nexus Auditorium, Bangsar South from Dec 3 to 5.

The two-hour show variety show comprises musical medleys, ranging from cabaret and 80s pop to Bollywood and EDM, and hilarious spoofs and comedy skits that poke fun at popular social issues.

In an interview recently, Tony said: “Comedy is actually my first love. Everything else comes after it. In fact, I have done a few small comic pieces in the past.”

He said it has been a a constant struggle to break away from the stereotype.

“In our local TV and film scene, producers and directors generally think that I’m not suited for comedy. Maybe its the way I look, but give me just one day with them and I’ll definitely change their minds,” he said, adding that he disliked being pigeonholed.

Besides the feel-good factor of being on In Your Face, Tony hopes to rid the audience of the stigma that they may have of him — that he’s only good for dramatic roles.

“I’d like to think of myself as a multi-dimensional performer; an actor whose acting range is as diverse as his racial make-up.

“That’s not for me to proclaim but for the audience to decide at the end of the day,” he said.

Tony hopes that the audience will see and approve of this other side of him, a side only a handful of close individuals have seen.

“The funny side. Yes, I want more people to see that I smile far more than I frown.”

Tony admitted that initially he had doubts on joining In Your Face, which also features comedians Joanne Kam, Kuah Jenhan and Prakash Daniel.

“Some projects are simply worth the risk. This dream team will be there with me as we root for each other to deliver an entertaining show.”

Additionally, Tony will also hold his own singing performance, One Love, at No Black Tie on Nov 8 till 10 with fellow theatre star Nadia Aqilah Bajuri.

“It’s a night of songs that we grew up listening to. This is my first own show, and I’m both nervous and excited. I hope this one gets a lot of love too.”

Tickets to In Your Face are priced from RM58 to RM108 via

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