Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak arrives for meet-the-people session at the Dewan Suarah in Bintulu. Pix by Mohd Radzi Bujang

BINTULU: The Sarawak and Federal governments will build a bridge to serve as a gateway to the vast coastline in Sarawak in a joint venture project.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said he had proposed to Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem to work with the state government in building the bridge in Batang Lupar in Sri Aman to open up links to the coastal area.

“Imagine if we can accomplish this, it will open up more opportunities in the coastal areas across the state,” he said in a meet-the-people session at the Dewan Suarah field here.

Najib said construction of the RM16 billion Pan Borneo Highway which will stretch over 1,000km from Lundu to Lawas has begun and is already showing promise of new opportunities for people who live along the route.

“The plan to build the new bridge will be in the manifesto in the coming elections,” he said adding the government will also start rebuilding 107 dilapidated schools identified by the Education Department.

The government will also allocate RM70 million to repair or rebuild longhouses, Najib said.

“Sarawak has big potential but it cannot be achieved without connectivity. We need to build roads, bridges, telecommunication towers, bring clean water supply and electricity in order to do this.

“With all this in place Sarawak can contribute better to the Malaysian GDP. This is why I have big plans for Sarawak and I am determined to do this together with the Sarawak government because we are together in Barisan Nasional.

“This is not political rhetoric, I can do it, the Federal government can deliver, we have delivered and we will continue to deliver,” he said.

Najib said he wants to make sure the state and the people continue to prosper.

He said he believes Adenan has what it takes to lead Sarawak and deserves to be given the mandate in the coming elections.

“He has a good heart, a good man who is popular, he is our partner in the Federal leadership and I know he will secure a good future for the people of Sarawak."

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