The Brahminy kite giving an eagle eye to the food on the water surface.
Eagles diving into the water surface for food. Pictures by Roslin Mat Tahir
Visitors learn about the mangrove circle of life at the pier. Pictures by Roslin Mat Tahir

Kuala Selangor adds bird-watching and feeding to its many attractions, writes Roslin Mat Tahir

KUALA Selangor now has a new attraction to add to its already popular relics in Bukit Malawati and the fireflies experience at Kampung Kuantan. The coastal district is banking on eagles at Pasir Penambang to give Langkawi Island’s famous eagle-feeding activity a run for its money.

When our boat heads out to the river mouth, we wonder if there are really birds out there. Then suddenly, hundreds of birds circle out to the boat. We had just left the jetty 20 minutes ago.

The skipper slows the boat and when it finally stops, he scatters food onto the sea surface. Seagulls fly down to pick up the food. But no eagles are sighted.

We have to wait a few more minutes before a group of eagles appear and dive down to snatch the food from the surface of the sea.

With beautiful colours of sunset, the sight of the birds in the air is so beautiful.

We are also taken to the river banks to see mangrove creatures like monitor lizards, crabs and mud skippers. On our way back to the pier, we can see hundreds of white egrets resting on mangrove trees, ready for their rest in the night. Another beautiful sight!