Police shot dead a man who had run amok at Kampung Merabung, Lahad Datu, this morning. Pix by Hazsyah Abdul Rahman

LAHAD DATU: Police shot dead a man who had run amok at Kampung Merabung here this morning.

The man, identified as Ronald Engliong, in his 40s, is believed to have died en route to the hospital in the 7.20am incident.

District police chief Assistant Commissioner Hamzah Ahmad said police received a call from villagers, who reported about the the man running amok.

"Policemen at the scene tried to calm him down. However, the man became even more aggressive, threatening the public and even injured one of the policemen.

"Police were left with little choice but to open fire," he said, adding that the case is still being investigated.

The incident later sparked controversy as messages began to spread that the man was an intruder from a neighbouring country.

Lahad Datu residents, still haunted by the deadly Sulu intrusion of 2013, shared the messages and it went viral.

Police have subsequently dismissed the rumours.

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