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Some 80 summonses were issued by traffic police during its ‘Op Roda Samseng’ in Sungai Lurus, Senggarang. NSTP File pix.

BATU PAHAT: Traffic police inspected 159 motorcyclists and issued 87 summonses in a seven-hour operation named ‘Op Roda Samseng’ in Sungai Lurus, Senggarang on Sunday.

The operation was done to flush out Mat Rempit activities, which had been a source of distress among residents in the area.

A police road block between 4pm and 11pm led to 87 summonses being issued to motorcyclists. From that total, 35 riders did not have licences, seven bikes had no licence plates, 31 had expired road tax and 14 had illegal modifications made to their machines.

Batu Pahat district police chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Wahib Musa said police would not compromise on Mat Rempit activity because if left unchecked, it could lead to loss of lives.

He said 56 motorcycles were seized in the operation.

A total of 159 people on 136 motorcycles, including seven cars, were checked in the operation. He said most of the motorcyclists were aged between 16 and 25.

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