Residents in Kampung Gabis, Padang Rengas were not evacuated as flood waters subsided. Pix courtesy of Fire and Rescue Dept.

MANJUNG: The number of flood evacuees at a relief centre in Sekolah Agama Rakyat (SAR) Padang Serai here fell to 61 as of this morning, compared to 73 yesterday.

A Perak Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said the remaining evacuees are from 15 families whose homes in Kampung Padang Serai are still partially inundated.

However, water levels elsewhere have largely receded, and another relief centre at Simpang 3 Community Hall, which had sheltered 76 evacuees, was closed at 2.30pm yesterday.

"The floodwaters are receding and the water level is currently 0.15m. Floodwaters have not fully subsided, so it is better for victims whose homes are affected to stay at the Padang Serai relief centre.

"Although water in other areas is subsiding, firemen are on standby should the situation worsen," he said when contacted.