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(File pix) Polystyrene packaging is among the major contributors to the Alor Star's landfill in Jabi, Pokok Sena.

ALOR STAR: The Alor Star City Council (MBAS) today launched a campaign to reduce the usage of polystyrene materials for food and drink packaging here beginning next year.

MBAS secretary Hakim Ariff Md Noor said the campaign focuses on all types of eatery outlet operators, including restaurants and night market traders.

He said polystyrene packaging is widely used by eatery outlet operators and night market traders in the city, and the material is among the major contributors to the city's landfill in Jabi, Pokok Sena.

Hakim said the council will be organising talks and campaigns, with help from SWCorp Malaysia, to educate eatery operators on the dangers to the environment posed by polystyrene materials.

“We want to reduce the usage polystyrene packaging in the city, and replace it with bio-degradable material,” he told newsmen after launching the campaign today.

Hakim added that the campaign will pave the way towards achieving MBAS’ long-term vision of cultivating a greener Alor Star.

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