Another botched circumcision case has occurred. The doctor was said to have accidentally severed the boy's penis using surgical scissors.

KUALA LUMPUR: In what is becoming a worrying trend, another botched circumcision case has occurred, this time involving a nine-year-old boy at a clinic in Jalan Ipoh.

Unlike the previous case – where a 10-year-old boy's penis head (glan) was accidentally severed via laser but later successfully reattached – the victim in this case was not as fortunate.

Lawyer P. Uthayakumar said the latest incident occurred on Dec 15, when the boy's father brought his son to the Jalan Ipoh clinic for a routine circumcision.

He said that during the surgery, the doctor accidentally severed the boy's penis using surgical scissors.

"The doctor sewed it back before referring the boy to a private specialist centre," he said.

“The doctors at the specialist centre later referred him to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for a reattachment surgery. The surgery was conducted on the same day,” he said.

However, the situation deteriorated two days later when the boy's penis began to blacken. Doctors were then left with no choice but to cut it off on Dec 27.

Uthayakumar said the family has lodged a police report over the matter, and that he would hold a press conference tomorrow (Friday).

In the previous incident on Dec 20, a 10-year-old boy underwent a traumatic experience when his penis glan was accidentally severed during circumcision at a clinic in Taman Cheras Utama.

The boy was later taken to the Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital (HUKM), where surgery was done to reattach the severed part.

The operation was successful.

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