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DOCTOR, lawyer, accountant and engineer are the four horsemen of wealth. They represent a stable job, a good income, a beautiful house and the ability to provide for the family. Wonderful? Yes. But, therein lies a problem.

In Asia (or anywhere else in the world for that matter), there is the perception that if you aren’t in one of these professions, you are less regarded or accepted. I believe that’s a major problem.

Have you heard anyone say, “If you don’t study, you’re going to end up as a street cleaner”, or “Why are you pursuing music? You’re not going to earn enough to raise a family”, or “Eh, why do you want to work as a cook? Work long hours and barely earn enough, not good”, or “It’s not worth your time pursuing theatre, you can earn money, meh?” or “Better be a doctor, can earn lots of money and take care of the family”.

Don’t belittle people who provide the services you need. People complain about dirty streets but shame the street cleaners. They say it is a tough life working as a hawker stall cook, but go out to food courts to enjoy char kuey teow. They say don’t pursue music, art, film or theatre but they listen to music, enjoy art, watch movies and attend plays. They tell you not to be a farmer but expect vegetables in the supermarkets to be perfect or they won’t buy them. Hypocritical, right?

We need to change our mindset. We need to respect all professions. Doctor, lawyer, accountant and engineer may be key professions that sustain life, but so are street cleaners, cooks and farmers.

It’s time that these people are given due respect. Stop this culture of shaming people because of their jobs. After all, we want our streets to be clean, our cities to be safe and our food to taste great!

This is not a single issue but a multitude of problems that we need to tackle, such as giving people a decent wage, motivating people to pursue their dreams, encouraging people to do different jobs and understanding that we are all on this planet to live in peace and harmony.

So, stop judging and start appreciating others.



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