SHAH ALAM: It took only seven minutes for four robbers to cart away RM1.2 million worth of jewellery from a goldsmith shop in a shopping mall in Section 14 here on Friday evening.

Clad in all-black outfits with gloves, the three robbers were wearing motorcycle helmets with the visors down, when they stormed the goldsmith shop located on the ground floor at about 7.30pm. Another accomplice stood guard outside the mall.

Selangor Criminal Investigation Department deputy chief Assistant Commissioner R. Supramaniam said one of men fired a shot into the air before they used sledgehammers to break the jewellery display showcases and cabinets.

“They scooped up seven trays of jewellery worth about RM1.2 million before escaping on three motorcycles parked near the mall’s entrance.

“Four of the goldsmith shop’s employees escaped unhurt in the incident and there were no customers at that time.

“Investigations are underway and we will study the closed circuit television cameras of the shop as well as the mall. The security guard as well as eyewitnesses will also be part of the investigations,” he said when met at the scene earlier.

Supramaniam also urged the public to come forward and assist in investigations under Section 3 of the Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act 1971.

Meanwhile, sales assistant Nurul Mohamad said she spotted the three robbers when they were walking from the mall’s concourse area towards the shop. She thought that they were dressed oddly.

“I called out to my colleague to look at them. It was weird to see them dressed like that and with helmets on in a mall. The next thing I knew, I heard a gunshot and everyone panicked and ran towards the concourse.

“I watched them breaking the jewellery cases from afar. It was very quiet. It was only when the robbers ran out of the mall did we began screaming ‘Robbers! Robbers!’ I am grateful that none of us were harmed,” said the 25-year-old.

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A goldsmith shop in a shopping mall in Section 14, Shah Alam was robbed by a gang of four on Friday evening. NSTP Pix by Muhammad Sulaiman.

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