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Kedah KPDNHEP chief enforcement officer Chin Ching Chung (centre) at a press conference held at Alor Star, Kedah, today.

ALOR STAR: Three wholesalers in Jitra who have been putting the safety and lives of motorists at risk by selling fake vehicle brake pads were recently exposed during checks by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP).

Kedah KPDNHEP chief enforcement officer Chin Ching Chung said it was revealed that the business operators bought the fake parts cheaply and sold them at an original price to unsuspecting vehicle owners.

“We received public complaints that the parts sold at the premises were damaged after merely few months in use.

“Based on our investigation, we learned that the fake parts may have been bought abroad at RM30 each and sold here between RM300 and RM400,” he told a Press conference today.

He said a total of 174 brake pads of various brands worth RM36,300 were seized, with Mitsubishi confirmed those bearing its logo as counterfeits.

“Spare brake pads manufactured locally are required to have the Sirim stamp and MS1164 certification.

“While imported parts must be marked with the International Safety Standars, code of the producer countries and safety approval numbers.”

Chin said the ministry would carry further investigation to find the items’ suppliers and it was believed that the activity had been ongoing for a while.

“We have informed the seizure to the manufacturing companies and prosecution against the business operators could be conducted once they verify the authenticity of the products.”

He said no arrests were made so far and investigation is being carried out under Section 29(1)(b) of Trade Descriptions Act 2011.

Chin urged consumers with information of auto spare parts sold without Sirim certification to report to the nearest KPDNHEP office.

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