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(File pic) Police seized more than RM3 million from an inspector, three rank-and-file personnel and a civilian.

KUALA LUMPUR: Three senior police officers, four subordinates and a civilian have been arrested in connection with a RM7.9 million theft disguised as a drug bust at the home of a businessman-investor.

Some RM5 million is believed to have been recovered from the suspects.

Police seized more than RM3 million from an inspector, three rank-and-file personnel and a civilian.

A woman assistant commissioner from the Kuala Lumpur headquarters crime prevention unit surrendered with RM250,000 on Sunday night.

It was learnt she was due to report for duty this week as senior assistant commissioner with the Commercial Crimes Investigation Department in Bukit Aman here.

A superintendent, also with the crime prevention unit, and a deputy superintendent (narcotics division) are believed to have handed over hundreds of thousands to investigators over the weekend.

The woman officer and the superintendent are on bail, while the others are in custody.

On Sept 8, a raiding party led by the inspector from the narcotics division is alleged to have faked a drugs test following the arrest of a woman and three men, all employees of the businessman.

They were said to be tested positive for methamphetamine when urine samples were taken.

The four were detained following the raid at a condominium belonging to the 50-year-old “Datuk” in Lorong Ampang.

The businessman was away in Indonesia when the raid took place.

He made a police report two days later claiming RM2 million had been taken from his safe, RM3.9 million from his master bedroom and RM2 million from his BMW X5.

He told police the raiding party took the car keys of his Bentley, Porsche Panamera, Porsche Macan and Ford Ranger.

Several trolley bags containing the cash and home wireless closed-circuit television cameras were also taken, he said.

His four employees have been released.  

Police sources said the basement CCTV captured the raiding party carting away the loot.

The raiding officer later lodged a report that RM1.4 million was seized.

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