The police, on May 25, 2015, confirmed that the camps were only vacated three weeks before.

KUALA LUMPUR: HERE are some hard questions that need to be answered, which would hopefully clear any nagging suspicions that there was a cover-up in the case of Wang Kelian.

WHY was the discovery of the camps in Bukit Wang Burma on Jan 19 and Bukit Genting Perah on March 13, kept secret?

WHERE is ASP J.K. now? He was the one who led the Jan 19 raid and briefed his superiors about it the next day.

WHY did Perlis police issue the order to destroy the camp a day after the General Operations Force (GOF) reported the discovery? Who issued the order?

Wouldn’t this be construed as tampering with evidence/crime scene?

HOW did the Perlis top cop, who was then close to retirement, or his deputy, react when the discovery of the massive human trafficking camp and mass graves was brought to their attention?

WHY was the camp not immediately cordoned off and the remains exhumed?

WHAT happened to the 38 migrants taken into custody by the assault team? Aren’t they prime witnesses?

WHY were they investigated for immigration offences? Were they not prime witnesses?

WHAT was the tactical approach taken by the elite police force on the Jan 19 raid, which had allowed all the syndicate members and most of the migrants held in several camps, to evade arrest?

FOLLOWING the discovery of the camp in Bukit Wang Burma, why did the GOF not sweep the whole area to see if there were other camps?

WHY are there different accounts of what had happened in the Jan 19 raid in Wang Burma?

SOME locals who were part of the syndicate had been identified. Have they been picked up?

HAVE the police officers suspected of being in cahoots with the syndicates been dealt with under the law, or are they being “disciplined” internally?

THERE were at least two Thai-Malaysia border committee meetings after the Jan 19 raid. Were the discoveries not discussed?

IS there no truth in our expose? Or was Bukit Aman kept in the dark over the discovery of the camp when it said on May 25 that police did not find the camps before May.

WHY were 300 VAT69 commandos sent on a mission on May 11 to locate and verify the existence of these camps under Op Wawasan Khas, when there is already photographic evidence of the Jan 19 raid?

DID Perlis police know that after their Jan 19 raid, the camps were still operating?

In the May 25 press conference, the authorities confirmed that the sites were only vacated three weeks before.

AND the final question — will those behind this heinous crime against humanity be made to pay, and will the men, women and children who died trying to get a second chance at life, ever get the justice owed to them?

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