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Residents filling their water containers following a water disruption in USJ 8 in Subang Jaya yesterday.NSTP/MUSTAFFA KAMAL

KUALA LUMPUR:THE sudden water disruption caused by the Sungai Semenyih water treatment plant shutdown since Saturday has left residents in several districts in the lurch over their Christmas preparations.

A resident of SS 16, Subang Jaya, who declined to be named, said her family’s condominium was unaffected by the unscheduled water cut as it still had the condo’s water tanks as a reserve.

However, the family is unsure as to how it should proceed with its Christmas preparations.

‘With Christmas days away, we’re anxious over whether the issue will be resolved.

‘We’re afraid that the supply will get shut off again.There are tonnes of preparations to be done, especially those related to food.

‘We hope this doesn’t prolong until Christmas,’ she said.

Rinny Jamal, a resident of USJ 9, Subang Jaya, faced a different set of problems.

The 23 year old, when met at one of Syabas’ public water outlets in USJ 8, said she learnt of the disruption only when the taps ran dry at her house.

Rinny’s problems were compounded by the fact that she is recovering from a leg fracture.

‘I’ve had to rely on buying large bottles of mineral water for my use. And now, I carry mineral water bottles each time I want to shower or use the bathroom.

‘It’s difficult hobbling around carrying these large bottles up and down the stairs as they are heavy. Transporting the water bottles from my car to my house has been a major struggle for me for the past three days,’she said.

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