KUALA LUMPUR: Those who feel they are being bullied or harassed online can lodge reports with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

An official said the commission would work with the police in identifying the culprits.

He said people can visit Consumer Protection and Complaints Bureau in Cyberjaya or call 1800-188-030 or WhatsApp at 016-2206262

He said cyberbullying or harassment were hard to identify and complicated. However, there was still hope for those who feel they were being bullied or harassed, he added.

“For instance, if a person willingly sent compromising pictures to a stranger, there is nothing we can do.

“However, if it escalates to blackmail, we will work with the police on this,” he said.

The official said the public must be aware that once you publish a photo on social media, it is accessible to all.

“But if someone alters the photo to defame you. And, if they demand for photos while threatening to hurt you or your loved ones it is then considered a crime.

“You can lodge a report and we will act,” he said.