(File pix) Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) Datuk Zahrah Abd Wahab Fenner showing the SSM Biztrust logo. Pix by Mohd Yusni Ariffin

COMPANIES and online business owners can now register their businesses with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) through Biztrust.

SSM Biztrust is a standard certification in the form of a logo or seal. This logo symbolises a standard guarantee that can only be obtained by the business entity through an online application.

The commission’s chief executive officer, Datuk Zahrah Abdul Wahab Fenner said during the BizTrust soft launch that businesses or companies registering with BizTrust would acquire the standard logo.

“They, especially online businesses, can put the logo and link up on their website, and they will link it to the SSM official website, showing that the company has been registered with SSM,” she said.

She said BizTrust was currently undergoing a trial period, testing its services with a few companies to smooth out any potential glitches.

“We want consumers and business operators to run their businesses smoothly. By registering with SSM, the company helps to build trust among its consumers,” she said.

She said the main objective of SSM BizTrust was to provide a platform for online business owners to get a BizTrust certification through the seal, which can be found at their website.

“Their consumers can check the link on their websites to see if that particular company or business has been registered with SSM.

“This will help lessen the dodgy transactions that may happen from dealing with unregistered companies,” she said.

She said that most of the time, consumers were cheated by online business operators who did not sell items according to what they had posted on their website or social media account.

“Customers who have been cheated can lodge a report with the Consumer Tribunal, which will be taken to the Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives and Consumerism Ministry for action to be taken against them (the operators),” she said.

She said every entity running an online business needed to build confidence in its consumers that it was following set business ethics.

“Under BizTrust, there are three levels that business owners need to go through. The first level (certifies that one has) complied with registration criteria and principles.

“The second level certifies compliance with the registration criteria and principles, and the security or privacy criteria,” she said.

“The third level certifies compliance with all the registration criteria and principles, as well as the security and privacy criteria.”

Zahrah said SSM would run investigations, and based on the outcome of its reports, companies can be blacklisted and their registration terminated.

Alan Tan, one of the online business operators selected to register with BizTrust’s pilot session, said he had registered his company for the past 10 years under SSM.

“It helps me to build trust with my clients and to conduct business deals with the government,” said the business development director of Intellego Solutions, a company dealing in software.

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