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Chairman of Eco World Foundation, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye speak during Eco World Foundation Appreciation Luncheon 2017 at Connexion Nexus . (pix by HAFIZ SOHAIMI)

KUALA LUMPUR: Despite economic slowdown, Eco World Foundation raised RM6,803,300 this year to support its Students Aid Programme (SAP), said chairman of the foundation Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye.

This figure is a new record set compared to the RM6.4 million raised last year.

As a main programme run by the foundation, the SAP offers financial assistance to 3,037 students (2,600 primary school students, 400 secondary school students and 37 tertiary level students).

Lee said with a budget of RM5 million per year, the SAP seeks to help address financial difficulties faced by students who come from needy families.

“We began supporting a student right from the primary school level so that we are able to monitor their progress and follow through until they graduate tertiary studies.

“We feel that this is the best way to ensure that the financial aid channeled to help these students do not stray from the main objective of the programme.

“In the SAP programme, we equip them with school tuition fees and necessities including meals during a school year.

“Students who achieve good results in their UPSR examinations are eligible to apply for a continuation in the SAP to continue with their secondary education and subsequently to tertiary studies,” he said when speaking to reporters at a press conference.

Lee added that 17 students the SAP have been supporting since primary school have now graduated from universities nationwide and have joined the working class securing a job of their choice and qualification.

“It is our practice that the foundation does not require for the students who graduated with SAP aid to work with Eco World. We have allowed them the freedom to pursue their dreams and a career of their choice.”

Apart from the SAP, Lee noted that the foundation had last year embarked on a new three-year pilot programme to assist rural and low-performing schools in Sarawak.

“We started this initiative in three schools – Sekolah Kebangsaan Temong (163 students), Sekolah Kebangsaan Sejijag (46 students) and Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungan (40 students).

“We hope to help improve the academic performance and physical condition of schools by providing new furniture, computers and books.”

Lee had also thanked donors during an appreciation luncheon and acknowledged top 10 contributors who were Kerjaya Prospek Group Bhd, Advancecon Infra Sdn Bhd, Domain Design and Contracts Sdn Bhd, Eng Han Engineering Sdn Bhd, Inta Bina Sdn Bhd, Jasmurni Construction Sdn Bhd, Kitacon Sdn Bhd, Pembinaan Proli Sdn Bhd, Siacon Technology Sdn Bhd and Eco World Development Group Berhad chairman,Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin.

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