(File pix) Civil Defence Force personnel assist two children to safety at Kubang Pasu yesterday. Pix by Zuliaty Zulkifli

ALOR STAR: The number of flood evacuees in Kubang Pasu district has jumped to nearly 1,000 people this morning, an increase of one-fold compared to yesterday.

Bukit Pinang, a flood prone area in Kota Star is the latest location hit by flash floods, forcing 48 people from 13 families to seek temporary shelter at Surau Assyakirin, Kepala Batas since 10pm last night.

A spokesman with the state Civil Defence Force (APM) Natural Disaster Secretariat said all the 930 evacuees from 250 families are currently taking shelter at six relief centres in Jitra.

He said 278 victims from 72 families are taking shelter at Dewan Kampung Bata followed by another 130 from 30 families in Kampung Lahar.

"The other 222 victims from 63 families are seeking shelter at Dewan Kubur Siam, 202 from 54 families are placed in Dewan Jitra while another 50 from 18 families have been relocated to Dewan Tokong Cina in Jitra area.