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KUALA LUMPUR: Chronic traffic jams at Cameron Highlands, especially during the holiday period sees the need for restricted vehicle access to the tourist spot.

Tanah Rata state assemblyman, Chiong Yoke Kong said the four-day holiday period had resulted in chronic traffic jam in the hill station.

He said tourists flocking the hill station by vehicles have seen traffic coming to a standstill from Ringlet to the Blue Valley.

A short distance of one to three kilometres would require three to four hours to reach the respective destinations, he added.

He said three additional main roads connecting Cameron Highlands had been built over the last 20 years. These are namely the Jalan Ringlet-Sungai Koyan which connects Raub, Ringlet and Sungai Koyan; Jalan Simpang Pulai-Cameron Highlands and Jalan Gua Musang-Cameron Highlands.

“These roads had made it very convenient for tourists to come to Cameron Highlands from the West Coast, East Coast and Pahang, hence the substantial increase of number of tourists throughout the 20 years which is evident by the statistics in 2017 that has recorded 750,000 tourists in 2017.

“Based on traffic reports by many traffic apps, an average of more than ten thousand cars coming to Cameron Highlands is recorded every day during long holidays,” said the Dapsy national political education director in a statement.

He added that despite four roads connecting the hill station, only one main road was available inside Cameron Highlands area.

In addition, he said the district does not have enough parking lots and thus is unable to accommodate 10,000 cars, he said.

“The unplanned and disorganised development by the local and state government has created several traffic bottlenecks in Cameron Highlands,” said Chiong.

He said local authorities had been lax in enforcing the law against vendors and tourists who park illegally.

Chiong proposed the Cameron Highlands District Council to utilise the entrances at Blue Valley and Ringlet, and can cooperate with the Perak state government to build parking lots at Tapah and Simpang Pulai which are at foothills.

This is in order to implement vehicle restrictions and provide feeder services such as small buses that bring tourists to Cameron Highlands.

He said restricting entry of vehicles into tourist attractions is a common traffic control measure in many countries.

Chiod said for example in China, traffic categories had been classified and there are feeder services to lead tourists’ vehicles to their connected parking spots.

Chronic traffic jams at Cameron Highlands, especially during holiday period’s sees the need for restricted vehicle access to the tourist spot. (Pic courtesy from

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