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Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng expresses profound gratitude and thanks Malaysians for their show of patriotism in wanting to ease the government’s financial burden through Tabung Harapan fund. NSTP/AZHAR RAMLI

PUTRAJAYA: Seven months after being set up to accept public contribution, the Tabung Harapan Malaysia (THM) fund will officially close on Dec 31.

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng today expressed profound gratitude and thanked Malaysians for their show of patriotism in wanting to ease the government’s financial burden.

As of 9am today (Dec 23), the fund stood at RM199,140,218.80.

“The fund is the result of initiatives by individuals, organisations, non-governmental organisations and fixed deposit interest as administered by the Accountant-General’s Department,” he said in a statement today.

All parties wishing to contribute to the fund are requested, as soon as possible, to transfer money or contributions via cheques, which is tax deductible.

“The government will ensure that this donation will be used to settle the national debt,” Lim said, adding that every cent donated is appreciated.

He was touched by the people who are concerned and united in helping the government settle the national debt issue.

“Although the RM1 trillion debt surpasses the proceeds collected, the government appreciates the people’s solidarity in addressing the national debt.

“The government hopes for this spirit not to fade and can be maintained forever,” he added.

Lim also thanked the King, Sultan Muhammad V for his contribution.

The Bagan Member of Parliament also said the National Audit Department would audit the fund’s account receipt and payment statement to ensure THM is managed with integrity.

The ministry would also appoint an external audit firm to audit THM’s accounts in line with Section 7 of the Audit Act 1957. – BERNAMA

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