Nadin Junianti Najiri along with his son while visiting Assistant Minister to Sabah Chief Minister, Ariffin Asgali (two from left) watering at his husband's grave, Jari Abdullah at Kampung Sim-Sim Muslim Cemetery in Sandakan.NSTP/Poliana Ronie Sidom

SANDAKAN: The body of Malaysian fisherman who was kidnapped and shot by Abu Sayyaf militant has been laid to rest at Kampung Sim-Sim’s Muslim cemetery here, this morning.

The remains of 34-year-old Jari Abdullah, who succumbed to gunshot wounds while being treated at a hospital in southern Philippines, were flown to Sandakan Airport and arrived at 7.50am.

Over 30 people, including family members and security forces, were present at the airport to escort his casket to Surau Al-Furqan prior to his burial at 9.30am.

When met at the surau, Jari’s mother Zuana Laudiato, 54, said they accepted his death.

She said the family was aware of his condition after the authority informed them of the shooting last week, and that Jari was put on life support.

Zuana said she and her younger child were flown to Zamboanga, accompanied by Foreign Ministry representatives, to meet with Jari.

She added that they had given permission to pull the plug.

“He has died since Thursday, only a respirator was connected (to Jari). There’s nothing we can do... We accept it,” said Zuana.

Meanwhile, Nadin Junianti Najiri, 25, said she was satisfied having to see his husband’s body but noted that their seven-year-old daughter is having a hard time accepting the death.

“Until this morning, she was still keeping hope that her father would come home safe.

“I’m just confused thinking about how to raise my children and provide them with education,” she said, adding that she has yet to settle the birth certificate for their one-year-old child.

The couple has another child aged five.

Present at Jari’s burial service was Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister Ariffin Asgali, who is also Seking assemblyman.

Speaking to reporters, Ariffin said the state government would look into the family’s needs and provide necessary assistance to help reduce their burden.

In December last year, Jari and two Indonesian men were kidnapped by an armed group while fishing at Pegasus Reef in Kinabatangan.

On April 4, Jari sustained serious injuries after he was shot by Abu Sayyaf militant during crossfire with the Philippines’ security forces on Pulau Simusa in the Sulu province.

Jari was trying to escape his captors when the incident occurred.

In the event, the security forces managed to rescue Indonesian fisherman Heri Ardiansyah, 19, while another fisherman Hariadin, 45, died of drowning while trying to escape.