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Some 420 Kuala Langat chilli farmers will soon be paid for their produce within hours. (BERNAMA)

KUALA LANGAT: Some 420 Kuala Langat chilli farmers will soon be paid for their produce within hours.

The Kuala Langat Area Farmers Organisation (PPKKL) is going to banking the money directly into their accounts within hours via DuitNow.

The digital payment platform is a collaborative effort of the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), PPKKL, CIMB Bank Bhd and PayNet.

When the Teluk Panglima Garang central crop collection centre was set up in 2015, farmers were paid through the issuance of cash cheques.

Then it was done through electronics fund transfer twice a week.

MDEC chief executive officer Surina Shukri said DuitNow was a pilot programme which aimed to draw farmers into a cashless eco-system.

“With DuitNow, the farmers are pioneers of the cashless system and they no longer need to wait for three days to get their payment.

“All that is needed is their MyKad registration and the payments by PPKKL are done immediately.

“MDEC’s collaboration with our partners will enable farmers in Kuala Langat to enjoy the benefit of digital services and is a great example of how we are advocating an inclusive digital economy.

“I had maintained that digital transformation requires human transformation and I am happy to see the enthusiasm and readiness of our farmers here to adopt digital to enhance their lives.

“We want to ensure that those in the agricultural sector are not left behind by the rapidly evolving digital era.

“This is our first step and there are other cashless payment methods that have potential and can be explored by the farming community. This is just the beginning,” said Surina at the launch of the digital payment platform, here, today.

DuitNow, she added, would also enable PPKKL to reduce operational costs and lower the risk of payments being rejected.

Farmers Organisation Authority (LPP) director-general Azulita Salim Azulita said the DuitNow platform would also entice the younger generation to get involved in the agricultural sector.

“With DuitNow, payments are immediate.

“This will spur the interest of youngsters to be farmers as the terms of credit is not long.

“We want the younger generation to enter the agricultural sector which would help in ensuring the country’s food security and its sustainability as well as reducing our dependence on imported food,” said Azulita, adding that they were targeting to register 50,000 farmers with DuitNow nationwide.

Also present were Morib state assemblyman Hasnul Baharuddin and PPKKL chairman Ab Razak Khasbullah.

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