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This photo combination made from several images sourced from the internet shows the crash scene (top), the massive traffic gridlock and a travel advisory (bottom, right) issue by New Zealand Transport Agency following the crash at State Highway 1.

KOTA KINABALU: The family of the three Malaysians who died in a road crash in New Zealand on Friday, want the victims to be buried in Christchurch.

Othman Abd Hamid, the eldest brother to one of the crash victims Dr Rumihati Abd Hamid, told Berita Harian that such an ‘arrangement’ was in place in the event of such an outcome.

The family medicine specialist based at Putatan Health Clinic and her husband Adanan @ Adnan Jeman, 49, were among three Malaysians killed in Kaikoura in New Zealand.

It was reported that a third Malaysian was also killed and two other Malaysians were critically injured during the accident when a truck and the carin which the Malaysians were traveling collided at the State Highway 1 yesterday.

According to Kiwi news portal, the accident occurred at about 3.10pm local time.

The surviving duo were flown by helicopter to the Christchurch Hospital and the Wellington Hospital for treatment.

Othman said that for now he had no idea about the status of Dr Rumahati's three daughters.

"We are still waiting for information from the authorities from the other side to let us know what actually transpired.

"We will request that they be buried there as my youngest sibling told me that they were supposed to visit a mosque at Christchurch which was targeted by terrorists in March.

"That is why we agreed for them to be buried there as they did not manage to see the place," he said.

He said Dr Rumihati’s family had flown to New Zealand on Dec 2.

Othman, a retired media personnel, said he and several other family members were leaving for New Zealand.

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