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KUALA LUMPUR: Like your former crush in primary school, Pizza Hut Malaysia has no qualms in dishing out the "cheesiest" gesture for Valentine’s Day.

To celebrate the season of love, Pizza Hut Malaysia gave its “heart” to competitors in efforts to promote the chain's latest, love-shaped pizza conveniently named "Pizza Heart".

The boxes of pizza were delivered complete with a personalised note to A&W, Texas Chicken, McDonald’s, KFC and the ultimate rival, Domino’s Pizza, with a Malaysian twist.

The highlight of the delivery were the notes, “Dear Domeeno (Domino’s Pizza), my lovely neighbour. Greetings from us at Pizza Heart. Specially made with love and no hard fillings!”

The pizza chain delivered its Chicken-Pizza creation to KFC as well, with a "love note" making special mention of the Colonel's Chizza, a combination of flat fried chicken finished off with pizza toppings.

“Dear Kepci, I know you love pizza. But ‘Chizza’ is not Pizza. Here is a Piz’za Heart with love from us. We belanje (it's on us).”

Pizza Hut did not spare McDonald’s, sending a message that read: “Dear Mekdi, your burgers are cool. But don’t be a chiken ah. Give this new Piz’za Heart a try. We heard Everyone’s Lovin’ It.”

This new campaign was shared on social media, leading coffee chain Starbucks to wonder out loud about where their pizza was.

Starbucks Malaysia tweeted: "Where’s ours @pizzahutmsia? Better ‘latte’ than never. We are waiting for you to give us your heart.”

Faster than Romeo could say Juliet, Pizza Hut promptly delivered its heart to one of Starbucks chains, with the message: "Don't worry @StarbucksMY — you've 'bean' in our thoughts as well. Here's a delicious Pizza Heart with your name on it,” it said, with the note on the pizza referring to Starbucks as Stabak.

On Feb 4, Pizza Hut announced that the heart pizza will be available at all Pizza Hut restaurants and delivery concepts nationwide until Feb 16, or while stocks last.

Pizza Hut Malaysia chief marketing officer Jean Ler said the campaign wants to encourage everybody to open up and give love a chance with the Pizza Heart.

“We hope that this romantic twist is able to spice up your relationship with its cheesy, hearty combo that will leave you falling in love at the first bite.

“The motive here is simple – if you love someone, send them Pizza Heart. We have mad respect to our competitors and huge love towards our loyal fans so we thought that it would be fun to share a 'Piz’za' our heart through the surprise delivery,” she said in a statement.

Instead of receiving flowers and a gaudy yellow card shaped like cheese, perhaps your crush will order you Pizza Hut instead.

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