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Batu Sapi PKR acting chief Baby Anne Alsali. (NSTP/POLIANA RONNIE SIDOM)

SANDAKAN: Batu Sapi PKR is among the divisions in Sabah expected to witness a tough fight in its party polls.

Four contenders, including its acting chief Baby Anne Alsali, 39, are set to battle it out for the division's top post.

Baby Anne has been assuming the role of division chief ever since its former chief Mustafah Talib left PKR to join Barisan Nasional (BN) four days before the 14th General Election (GE14) in May.

When contacted, Baby Anne expressed confidence in getting support from party members as she has the advantage of being on home ground and understood the needs and problems of the folks in Batu Sapi.

She claimed that the sentiment amongs locals was still very much 'Batu Sapi for Batu Sapi', further alleging that some people there were disappointed that the area's elected assemblyman was not a local man.

"This is a good chance for me because this is not just my hometown, but I've been the Batu Sapi division's women's chief since 2013," she said.

On her campaign, Baby Anne said she has not adopted an aggressive approach as it has only been a few months since GE14 ended and members may not take too kindly to a door-to-door type of campaign method.

Baby Anne who is a manager at a private firm said she is passionate about making it as division chief as she wants to fight for the people of Batu Sapi who have always been plagued with the perception of squatter issues and illegal immigrants.

She is also a PKR member becahse she wants to help overcome the problem of undocumented folks, particularly children who face issues when it comes to obtaining education.

The other three vying for the Batu Sapi division chief post are Umar Baki, Abidin Sukur and Hasnar Ibrahim.

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