Stating that he is abroad, Khairy apologised for the delay in clarifying the matter.

KUALA LUMPUR: "I would like to categorically state that this letter is FAKE."

This was the response by Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin over a letter he had purportedly written and sent to Parliament secretary Datuk Roosme Hamzah.

Stating that he is abroad, Khairy apologised for the delay in clarifying the matter.

The letter, which had gone viral, was also reported by a local daily, citing "unnamed sources" in confirming the authenticity of the letter.

Bearing Khairy's letterhead as "YB Tuan Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar Ahli Parlimen P131 Rembau", the letter was a proposal to debate the transition of the post of Prime Minister from "Langkawi" to "Port Dickson".

On his social media accounts, Khairy shared the letterhead he uses and it is not the same as the one that can be seen in the fake letter.

"I have never used a letterhead with YB Tuan Khairy bla bla bla on top. That's just so crass," he said.

Khairy also informed that he had spoken with Roosme and she confirmed that Parliament did not receive the fake letter.

"She said the 'diterima' (accepted) stamp used on the top right of this photo is not the stamp Parliament uses," Khairy informed.

He added that this was "an elaborate plan to disseminate fake news by getting some gullible journalists to report disinformation."

Possibly referring to the political tension over the past few days, Khairy stressed that he did not want to be dragged into the "backroom intrigue surrounding the succession".

"I am not involved and have no interest in being involved. The question of succession (while very important, should be settled by Pakatan. It has nothing to do with my party or me. I am interested in debating and discussing policy that can assist ordinary Malaysians who are now worse off under Pakatan. I leave the intrigue to those interested in aristocratic court politics," he added.