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(File pix) Teaching and learning can take place only if there is discipline in the classroom. Pix by Muhammad Sulaiman

ACCORDING to a report, cases of parents lodging police reports against teachers are on the rise and are occurring almost every week.

Most of the reports involved disciplinary actions taken against their children by the teachers.

Reports were lodged for the simplest of reasons such as their children being scolded by the teachers.

Most of these cases do not warrant police intervention and can be resolved amicably in the school.

Parents need to understand that learning and teaching can take place only when there is discipline and mutual respect in the classroom.

No learning can take place if there is indiscipline.

When a child continuously misbehaves in class while a teacher is teaching, the teacher will have to discipline him.

There are many ways a teacher can discipline a child such as ordering him to stand up, reprimanding him, scolding him or tapping him on the shoulder.

Sometimes, the teacher may discipline the child beyond the permissible boundary if the child is difficult or relcalcitrant.

Parents who are unhappy with the mode of punishment should exercise restraint and approach the school principal to resolve the matter.

Sadly, some parents rush to the police station to lodge reports against the teachers.

Dragging teachers to court damages the integrity and honour of teachers.

Parents need to follow the standard operating procedure in dealing with teachers who may have abused their children.

Parents are not allowed to barge into the school and confront the teachers.

The unhappy parents should see the head teacher or principal, and make a formal complaint.

All parties will be heard and the principal will ensure that the mediation is done in an amicable manner.

If the teacher is wrong, he or she must apologise to the parents. If the child needs medical attention, the cost must be borne by the teacher.

If the child is wrong and deserves to be punished, the onus is on the parents to apologise to the teacher.

Sometimes, children exaggerate and do not tell their parents what transpires in school.

In the early days, parents put their whole trust and faith in teachers. This is wonderfully encapsulated in this Malay saying when they hand over their child to the teacher with this advice: “Cikgu buatlah yang terbaik yang cikgu rasa baik untuk anak saya.” (Do whatever it takes for the wellbeing of my child.)

“Kalau perlu pukul, pukullah dia. Cuma jangan bagi dia buta atau cacat sudahlah.” (If you need to cane, cane him. Just do not make him blind or a cripple).

Today, however, parents drag teachers to court even for scolding their children.


Seremban, Negri Sembilan

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