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Adopt an optimistic mindset and ditch negative thoughts even if life is rife with uncertainties. FILE PIC

SUCCESSFUL and healthy people have some things in common: First is clarity of purpose; knowing exactly what you want, confident of it being accomplished sooner or later, keeping your mind on it and then looking for legitimate and ethical ways to get it.

Secondly, optimism and positive thinking; looking for the good in every situation. Even when things go wrong or the situation becomes problematic and difficult, find something positive about it to keep yourself going.

And in reality, there is actually opportunity in every difficulty. Though no one wishes or prays for failure, “FAIL” is said to be an acronym for “First Attempt In Learning”.

Even mild sickness is an opportunity for the human body to regain its immunity and strength.

A look at the major discoveries in science and technology also substantiate the benefits of looking at the brighter side of every situation. Most scientific discoveries are a result of the failure of prior attempts, or discovered by accident.

Life is all about looking at the brighter side of the scene. See the glass as half full rather than half empty. It is always uplifting to read the biographies and stories of many of the successful leaders and entrepreneurs. While most of them rose to fame, not all had a silver spoon upbringing.

There were many ups and downs in their lives and not everything was given on a silver platter. Optimism and courage, they say, can be learnt.

Learn to think positive by adopting an optimistic mindset and ditching negative thoughts while always being ready to take the bull by the horns. Remember that the human mind can only focus on one thought at a time. So, keep it focused on uplifting thoughts in every situation.

Think deeply and give thanks to God for the many blessings in your life rather than complaining or worrying about the things you do not have. Don’t allow your morale to plummet. Close enough, they say, is good enough.

Life is rife with uncertainties and things beyond our control. So, direct your energy towards the things you can actually control. You can surely change your own self — your character and the way you see others. So, don’t be overwhelmed trying to change others, their disposition and perspectives about you.

Fear and anxiety are enemies of progress. So, don’t chicken out but stand up and say “Yes, I can”.

And during any crisis, take a deep breath, think deeply and approach the situation calmly and with a positive mind. Believe in yourself first. Then, others will come to believe in you. And listen to others before you expect others to listen to you.

Also, strive to understand others for you to be understood. Make good assumptions about the intentions of others around you. Not everyone is bad. Rather, most people are honest, decent and just trying to do their best.

Leave some time in your schedule for play and adventure with loved ones. You won’t only experience contentment and joy but also explore and build new skills. Identify areas to change in your life, work or relationship. Start by focusing on a specific area to approach in a more positive way.

Give yourself permission to smile or laugh genuinely, especially during difficult times. Follow a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy food and exercise regularly by walking around the home or climbing stairs.

Surround yourself with supportive and positive people. Be encouraging and gentle with yourself.

Think positive and live a meaningful life.


Centre for Natural Products Research and Drug Discovery,
University Malaya

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